Additional Services in Memphis

Quality Tier Rating for Supportive Living

At Brenda Richardson Memorial, we offer a variety of services to provide support for special adults. Whether your loved one has been diagnosed with a mental disability or simply requires assistance for daily tasks, we can provide the attention that they need. Our company has more than 25 years of psychiatric experience, and offers a variety of services to fit your loved one’s needs.

Our additional services include:

  • Adult Habilitation: For your loved one that needs Adult Habilitation, our team offers quality residential services that help them learn, keep, or improve the skills necessary to live in a community-based setting. Habilitation by our trained staff can help increase the functional independence of your loved one in a community-based setting.
  • Behavioral Respite: This is a short-term service for those who are enduring a behavioral crisis. In order to resolve the crisis, participants are removed from their current residential setting.
  • Medical Residential Services: Our medical residential option provides direct skilled nursing services and habilitative services to enable your loved one to reside in a community-based setting.
  • Residential Habilitation: If you loved one requires individualized services and direct assistance with activities of daily living, our residential habilitation service may help them prepare to live within the community.
  • Personal Assistance: For direct help with daily activities, chores, and medical appointments, our personal assistance services can help your loved one meet day-to-day tasks.
  • Semi-Independent Living: We can provide training and assistance to manage money, prepare meals, and build interpersonal and social skills for individuals with an intellectual disability.
  • In Home Day : Are you looking for services to care for your loved one during the day? We offer an in home day program to provide the support your loved one needs right in their own home.
  • Community Based Service: Living in a community setting can help individuals gain the interpersonal and social skills they need to become more independent. We can help your loved one gain these necessary skills.
  • Facility Based Service: Our team is focused on providing care for those with special needs. If you think you or our loved one could benefit from receiving facility based service, we can help!
  • Supportive Employment: We provide services to help those in the workforce. Our team can offer the support that is needed to accommodate your loved one.

Caring for the people you care for!

No matter what type of program you are searching for, BRMCH is focused on providing the personalized and quality care that your loved one deserves. Our team dedicates ourselves to taking care of your loved ones, just as you would yourself. To discuss our additional services, please feel free to contact us at (901) 388-3545 today!

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly Responsible Staff
  • Over 25 Years of Psychiatric Experience
  • Personal & Consistent Quality Care
  • Adhere to Strict Training Requirements