Supported Living

Quality Supportive Living Services in Memphis

Maintaining a home requires a minimum skill set that includes cleaning, budgeting, and paying bills. These are often known as activities of daily living, which is something many adults take for granted. If your loved one has maintained their independence, yet still needs skill development, our Memphis supportive living services may be right for you. Your loved one will receive quality residential services to help them develop, maintain, or enhance the skills necessary to live in a home that he or she controls or is responsible for.

This service includes assistance with activities of daily living including:

  • Personal hygiene such as bathing or dressing
  • Meal preparation and assistance with eating (excludes costs of food)
  • Carrying out household chores that are essential to their health and safety
  • Assistance with bill management or other responsibilities

You can rely on our experienced and training team to provide the service your loved one needs. When you have a loved one who is independent enough to maintain a home but may still require some assistance, contact our team by calling (901) 388-3545 for a free assessment.

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly Responsible Staff
  • Over 25 Years of Psychiatric Experience
  • Personal & Consistent Quality Care
  • Adhere to Strict Training Requirements